About Us

The company is formed by high experienced team of engineers to cater the growing need of electrical products in India & in Global market. The products are offered under the brand ‘’STARONIX’’.

It is a motto to provide high quality, reliable and competitive range of products, made from high quality raw materials. The products are standards as well as versatile & customised as per customer demands with maintaining the international quality standards. The team have high experience to fulfil these requirements with the continual developments of processes and designs, innovative thinking and with customer feedback. We are keen to incorporate these in our product range.

“Our vision is to strive to be a better alternate within this product ranges, we continue to drive forward, offering new innovative designs, technology & products. Our focus to deliver excellent customer services, reliable products. Let’s be a responsible corporate citizen.”




Contact Info

Suresafe Energy (India) Pvt.Ltd.
MS India.
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  • Web: www.suresafeenergy.com


  • Our VISION

    Is to strive to be a better alternate within this product range.

    1. By fulfilling customer’s requirements & expectations. 
    2. Offering innovative designs and reliable products with better price & high quality.
    3. Focus to deliver excellent customer services for standard & customized requirements.



  • Is to be known as a global company with based on our values.
  • To be one of the most trusted, respected and preferred brand.